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Panasonic Varicam 24p HD

Panasonic's Varicam video camera combines variable frame rates that emulate the speed effects of a film camera with cine gamma image quality that offers the sufficient latitude to take full advantage of the full dynamic range of film theater projection. No wonder more and more production companies rent Varicams for their HD camera with film sensitivity and a system capable of dramatically reducing movie production costs.

The AJ-HDC27H inherits the basic design and features of its predecessors while adding enhancements geared to today's latest production needs. Everything from image quality to functions and operating ease has been fine-tuned. Capturing smooth, beautiful images, the new Varicam debuts as a low-cost, high-quality solution to production of content from movies and TV programs to commercials and music clips.

New AJ-HDC27H Functions and Specifications

  • Newly developed 3CCD system  
  • 12-bit A/D converter  
  • New high-resolution emulation mode  
  • Lens files can be written to an SD Memory Card  
  • Two individual HD-SDI outputs  
  • Frame rate switching can be assigned to a user button 

Camera section: Captures a wide range of images for use in cinematic or broadcast productions. 

  • Newly developed 3CCD system provide F12 (2,000-lux) sensitivity, minimum illumination of 0.7 lux  
  • 12-bit A/D converter improves gradation  
  • Selectable frame frequency (59.94/60.0 Hz)  
  • Same tungsten/daylight selection as in film cameras. Also comes standard with two ND and CC optical filter wheels  
  • Picture-enhancing circuits: Auto knee, detailing, shading compensation, 12-pole color correction, matrix  
  • New high-resolution emulation mode (switchable with normal mode)  
  • Up to 10 gain values ranging from ?3 dB (?6 dB in video menu) to +30 dB; 3 values can be saved as presets. Super Gain instantly increases gain to +36 dB. 6 shutter speeds (1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000 sec), plus 0.8%-97.2% variable  
  • Auto Black Balance (ABB) and Auto White Balance (AWB). AWB stores two values for each set of four CC filter positions.  
  • ?Y Get? makes spot meter function realized on EVF  
  • Digital setup for numeric image control. Easy jog dial and menu-driven operation.  
  • Simple cinematic settings via the Film User Menu  
  • Variable frame rate from 4 to 60 fps, including the traditional "film look" rate of 24 fps  
  • Up to 8 setup data files can be stored on an SD Memory Card (optional RP-SD008B)  
  • Up to 64 lens files can be written to an SD Memory Card (optional RP-SD008B)  
  • The following functions can be assigned to the USER1/USER2 buttons: Rec SW, Y-GET, Frame Rate, Super Iris, Super Gain, Super Black, Black Stretch, and Front/Rear Mic input  
  • ECU menu On/Off selectable on EVF  2-level zebra pattern and spot zebra  
  • State, alert display on EVF screen

VTR section: High-quality recording of progressive scan images.  

  • Records up to 32 minutes on a compact DVCPRO HD cassette  
  • Recorded results can be checked on location via the viewfinder (black & white) or monitored in color through the HD SDI out terminal  
  • Two channels of 16-bit/48-kHz digital audio  
  • Two audio A/V timing modes (select conventional timing or just-before timing)  
  • Audio input selectable from the front mic or rear panel line input  
  • NEWS REC function prevents start/stop mistakes  
  • RETAKE function simplifies retakes of NG cuts  
  • REC REVIEW allows instant checking of recorded end  
  • Interval recording, with intervals from 2 seconds to 24 hours  
  • One-Shot recording for making animation  
  • Users Bit Data for post-process

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