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camBLOCK Camera Motion Control

Delivered as a 3-Axis system including Pan, Tilt & Dolly and now with the new Joystick Control.  Lens control can be added as a 4th Axis for $50.  

The system is amazingly flexible, designed to assemble into many configurations quickly and easily. Each block contains its own servo motor, gearing and micro-electronics; all housed in a quality machined anodized aluminum body. Modules can be configured to work as: pan axis, tilt axis, dolly, underslung hot head, product movers, lens controls, and more. Use them individually or connect them together and use many at once.

You control it all with a handheld computer running the camBLOCK software, utilizing a familiar timeline/keyframe interface. You can synchronously control 1 to 16 camBLOCKS simultaneously to create simple to complex motion control.

The camBLOCK System represents a remarkable value, making motion control more affordable than ever before.

Once you have set up your shot, you can play it back at any speed (up to the maximum motor speed). Run it faster if you think the move is too slow, or run it extremely slow for timelapse. There is no slow limit, you can turn a 30 second real time move into an all day timelapse. You can even composite real time and timelapse shots to be composited together.

Synchronized timelapse allows you to shoot multiple timelapse shots simultaneously, multiplying your productivity. When shooting timelapse you typically shoot one frame at a time, waiting several seconds between shots. With syncronized timelapse you set up several shots, and the camBLOCK system will shoot them simultaneously, utilizing the previously wasted time between shots.

Size and Weight

Block 1 Size= 8" (L) x 4" (W) x 1.5" (H)

Block 1 Weight= 3.1 lbs

Fully Assembled Pan/Tilt Kit = 8.7 lbs Pan/tilt Kit with Controller, Pocket PC, Cables, NP-1 Battery = 12.7 lbs


15 - 25 lbs 15 lb recommended maximum capacity. 25 lb maximum capacity (slower accelerations and additional connection tubes recommended)note: Camera must be balanced in the tilt axis. Larger video cameras and film cameras should be stripped of all non-essential parts.


12v to 18v DC Via 4pin XLR power connector on Pocket PC Interface. V-mount, Bauer mount, and NP-1 mount available.

Tripod Mount

75mm, 100mm, and 150mm ball mount availalbe. The rotating plate on the camBLOCK has a 3/8-16 center tapped hole for easy mounting to other surfaces.




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